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​This is a haven for Christian moms who aspire to honour God while building a successful business from home.

Whether you're married or a single mom,  homeschooling parent, or simply desire to stay home with your kids, we understand the challenges you face. Feeling overwhelmed by information and pressed for time, you seek practical guidance without gimmicks.

Here, you'll find faith-based encouragement, actionable tips, and valuable resources to navigate entrepreneurship while prioritising family. Join our community to receive the support and direction you need to thrive in business and motherhood, all while staying true to your faith.

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Have you thought about starting your own business from home that will leverage your time and resources?

A business that is flexible enough to accommodate your schedule - even if you only have an hour a day to work on it?

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Demelza Marie

Founder of 'The Christian Mompreneur'

Life's twists and turns are part of God's unique journey for us. My path hasn't been easy, but I see His hand at work.

From studying Film & Video Production and being a missionary videographer to battling health issues and surviving domestic abuse, my experiences have shaped my mission.

Now, as a single mom and entrepreneur, I help Christian moms achieve financial stability from home.

The Christian Mompreneur

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Christian women who wish to stay home with their children by providing practical pathways to financial stability. We aim to maximise income potential without compromising precious family time.

Through faith-based bible reflections, business-building support, and sharing practical tips from my journey as a home-educating single mom, I strive to inspire and equip women to embrace their God-given purpose and thrive both at home and in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

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